Nvidia Partnership with Luxembourg

The partnership between Nvidia and Research Institutes based in Luxembourg has now officially been formalized. The 360Lab will contribute as part of the involvement of the University of Luxembourg.

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

One of the most powerful aspects of the AI lab is its emphasis on cross-pollination between disciplines, explained Stéphane Pallage, rector of the University of Luxembourg.

“Tackling real-world problems involves bringing together experts from across disciplines, not just the sciences but also law, the humanities and beyond,” said Pallage. “This collaboration provides a new context for this approach, and we are sure it will have a very positive impact on the economy and society.

“Whether this is in identifying new application areas or pushing ahead with existing work, from our use of drones for automated airplane inspections to the analysis of genomes and mobile health sensor data, we look forward to seeing the results,” he said.

Digital Luxembourg will also support the creation of educational materials to help researchers and professionals across industries apply AI in their work.

The entire press release can be read here: https://goo.gl/iHbSZZ