FNR Bridges Project Awarded!

The 360Lab is pleased to announce that the proposal “Always Up-To-Date High Definition Map (AUTOMAP)” has been retained for funding. This project will be conducted in partnership with Solfice Research, the EU headquarter of Civil Maps. More details on the funded projects can be found on the FNR Website.

Project Summary:

Digital High Definition (HD) Maps represent the world in an unprecedented centimeter-level precision. They are a key component used by self-driving cars to understand their local environment, perform an accurate localisation and estimate a drivable path. The HD map is commonly generated by dedicated mapping vehicles equipped with high precision sensors including real-time kinetic (RTK) global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and light detection and ranging (LiDAR). This map is reliable if and only if there are no changes after the HD map has been generated. However, that is not the common scenario since driving environments are highly dynamic and seasonal changes happen regularly. For this reason it is mandatory to update HD maps frequently. We are proposing a low cost change detection and update system feature for HD maps used for autonomous driving.

The aim of this project is twofold: 1) Develop and Deploy a change detection and update system in a HD map. 2) Generate a ground truth HD map for validation of the proposed system of the metropolitan area of Luxembourg City with our partner Civil Maps.